William J. Matthews, Ph.D., “A History of the IRA: Oglaigh na Heireann”

This Irish-language title for the “Irish Volunteers” of 1913 was retained when the Volunteers became known in English as the “Irish Republican Army” (IRA) during the War of Independence of 1919-1922. Ireland has had a long history of violent opposition to British occupation, and, in his talk, Dr. Matthews will discuss the rise of the

John F. Quinn, Ph.D., “The Irish in Gilded Age Newport”

Gilded Age Newport is well-known for its summer colonists and for the “cottages” that they built. However, less attention has been paid to the city’s year-round residents, at least one-third of whom were Irish. For Irish Newporter’s, this was a time of increasing visibility and influence. They were becoming prominent in local politics and in

Kurt C. Schlichting, Ph.D. “The Irish in Newport: A Detailed Examination of the 1880 Census”

The complete 1880 U.S. Census illustrates the patterns of Irish settlement in Newport. Because the Census allows us to map Irish immigrants to their individual street addresses, it reveals residential concentrations. Professor Schlichting will identify the emerging Irish neighborhoods of 1880 and his analysis of the census data will provide new insight into “chain migration”